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Note: Current Build is a bit wonky if you mash through it, beware of event skipping.


You receive a message that you had become the owner of a lodge somewhere in the country side. But it is not all as it would seem. Becoming caught up in a contract with mysterious benefactors you are forced to manage the lodge and turn it into a sucessful Hotel.

Learn about guests and cater to their needs in Hotel Simulator. Whether it's just knowing the right thing to say to the right person, or catering rooms to their preferences. Not all of them are human so keep that in mind...

It's not in there now, but a light old school dungeon crawler will be added as a bonus. Where you will gain resources to spend at the lodge, but to ultimately meet your "Benefactors".

Install instructions

Extract and run the Exe!


HotelSimWinMac.rar 75 MB


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I made a whole video about my thoughts on this game. While I see that the game is very incomplete, I was really compelled by the concept you presented. An RPG/Management sim about managing a hotel where other RPG travelers stay is an interesting concept! I hope my thoughts expressed in the video help you in the development of this game. I truly feel you can make this game into something great with enough effort. I wish you the best!

Thank you for taking the time to the play the game and giving your critique. I can't tell you how starved of constructive opinion I have been. I'll be redoing the demo for a potential kick-starter campaign soon, this so that I can have a bit more consistent art. As well as make stylistic changes meaningful instead of being Jarring. The key thing moving forward will be polishing it and making the mechanics clear. Again thanks.